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Let's talk about time management.  I hear a lot of clients talking about not having time to get everything done.  The truth is, you may not need to get everthing done.  It is likely you just need to focus on getting the right things done. 

What are the right things?  They are the things that are moving you toward your vision, and are in alignment with your personal mission statement.  It's a simple question;  Is what I'm doing, or about to do, in alignment with my personal mission statement?  Is it moving me toward my vision?  You will be amazed how many time consuming activites do not meet either of these criteria. 

If you don't have a personal mission statement, it is like trying to build a building without a blueprint.  It is an inefficient way to approach your life!  It is a waste of your most valuable resources.  Your time and energy!  Coaching is a great way to inspire and guide you to clarifying your vision and developing an effective personal mission statement.  Sign up for a complimentary session, and let's get started on an effective approach to time management!        

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